Prologis is redeveloping the former Vauxhall Motors headquarters, Griffin House, and BWI Group site on Windmill Road to create a new high-quality logistics and business park.

This is a phased development that will come forward in stages and involving several complementary planning applications.

In May 2023, Luton Borough Council granted hybrid planning permission (part-outline/part-detail) for the redevelopment for the whole site. The first phase of development (the land to the north and west of the site, i.e. west of the River Lea) formed part of the detailed element of this permission and gained full approval for the construction of seven flexible industrial and logistics units, internal road network, yard space, and all internal routes and public areas including a new shared pedestrian and cycle path along the River Lea connecting Osborne Road with Manor Road Park.

Now (May 2024), we’re applying for full approval of phase two of the development (through what’s called a ‘reserved matters’ application) on the land to the east of the site/River Lea where we intend to create an excellent new building (Unit ‘DC8’) adjacent to Windmill Road (see ‘Zone D’ on the masterplan image). The reserved matters application covers the detailed design of the building, layout, scale, appearance, access and landscaping within this zone.

You can read more about the proposals subject to this reserved matters application in the Design & Access Statement (DAS) available to download – see right of screen.

Next, we’ll be submitting a further reserved matters application for ‘The Hub’ building (which is marked Zone E on the masterplan image).

The Hub is a flexible on-site training facility to help upskill employees and create significant levels of social value to the local community and businesses. This would be our second such facility following our highly-successful initial Hub at Daventry International Rail Freight (DIRFT) development.

We will continue to update this website with News as the proposals move forward.

Our ambition is to create an outstanding new location to support business, create jobs and be an economic asset for Luton and the community.

Illustrative masterplan
Illustrative masterplan of the site highlighting Zone D (building DC8) and Zone E (proposed ‘Hub’ training facility) Click image to enlarge Pinch to zoom
Indicative image (Eastern elevation) of proposed building DC8
Indicative image (Eastern elevation) of proposed building DC8 Click image to enlarge Pinch to zoom
Indicative image of proposed building DC8
Indicative image of proposed building DC8 Click image to enlarge Pinch to zoom


Click here to download documents and information:

  • Design & Access Statement (DAS) for the DC8 application

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